Wild Ways Stacking Elephants

Wild Ways Stacking Elephants

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Raise your trunks to the sky with fun elephant animal shapes for a high-flying lesson on the principles of balance. Can you create the tallest stack-up of animals possible without pushing the law of gravity to its breaking point?
  • TOYS THAT TEACH: Wild Ways Stacking Elephants from MindWare is a great way to teach your toddler the basic understanding and principles of balance. How tall, wide, or wobbly can you stack the pack before they tumble?
  • IMPROVE BASIC SKILLS: Wild Ways will pile on the fun along with helping your child improve their hand-eye coordination, focused concentration and introduce them to physics.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: Build an Elephant tower and see how wild you can stack them before they tumble! Create zany zig-zags and defy gravity by stacking the Elephants in countless ways. Stacking with Wild Ways will certainly enhance your child's problem solving skills.
  • INCLUDES: 10 chunky, painted wooden elephants.

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