Elephant-Seriously Strong Dark Chocolate (15-Piece Box)

Elephant-Seriously Strong Dark Chocolate (15-Piece Box)

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Elephant Chocolate is mind-blowing in its complexity, rivaling all of the high percentage cacao chocolates from the European legacy chocolate makers. Elephant Chocolate is a harmonious mélange of Criollo and Trinitario beans, bringing out the light floral aromas of ripe cherry and the essence of raisin top notes. There are deep chocolate layers punctuated by the complex flavors of tart citrus, red fruit and roasted walnut and almond notes. The mild but complex aroma gives way to the intense flavor of Elephant Chocolate. This full-bodied, very intense chocolate is smooth on the palate with a long, bittersweet finish. The elephant-shaped chocolate is a deep, dark red-brown, with an incredibly perfect glossy finish, so that the chocolate appears to glow. This is a chocolate you'll want to try many times, and one you won't soon forget.
  • Authentically American Flavors
  • All Natural-No Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • Gluten-, Nut- and Dairy-Free
  • Artisan Made--Hand Packed
  • Hand packaged

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